Against Me! is a small anarcho-punk band, with a folk edge. They originate from Gainesville Florida, and have been releasing music for about 1 year now (that’s an approximate figure, Plan-it-x records, their original label, doesn't provide much information about the original release of their early stuff, they may have been around longer then that).

The band has gone through a large number of lineup changes over their short history, at the rate of approximately one change per LP/EP/7" released. For their first self-titled 7", they were a rather basic acoustic guitar/drum duo, with the drummer playing on an improvised set of buckets, pots, and that sort of thing. Since that release, they have expanded out into a full band; however, they have maintained their primitive acoustic sound.

Without a wide variety of instrumentalists, much less a full drum kit, it would seem that their music would not be capable of standing on its own, but that is not the case, the vocalist, Tom, manages to hold things together with, oddly enough, his screaming. Screamed lyrics are usually a weak point of harder core punk bands, but in this case it works very well.

The band recently signed to Fat Wreck Chords. This move is not without some controversy, but I'm waiting until they release an album under that label before I pass judgement.

Without further commentary, here is their (incomplete) discography:

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