1968. Hippies became a mass-market meme (kinda like mallternative); Haight-Ashbury and similar places infested with tourists, slummers, runaways. Drugs became an industry, the quality dropped; some folks "preferred" non-utopian drugs. Nixon elected; Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King shot. The FBI turned into the Gestapo. Tet. Paris went nuts with the smell of revolution (or bad brie); Chicago's police rioted and busted heads. No Sixties for you!

They stopped licensing community radio stations. They eliminated low-cost college for the poor, like Pell Grants. They encouraged students to borrow money to attend college. They stopped allowing posting of self-produced materials on college campuses. They closed up college tunnels. They ripped down the low-cost housing around colleges and put up high-rises. They made getting a driver's license more complicated. They created the war on drugs.

Running Scared

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