Next to of course god america I

Have this ticket here in my hand

Performance tonight the names

Of all your enemies        and

I am on

the list you are

on the list your neighbors your mayor

your cat (dogs are exempt)

(capitalist running dogs are exempt)

and the performance tonight is

mix tear of CIA agent 3 parts lysergic acid

blood of black panther member equal parts ashes


allen dulles Richard Nixon 5 parts shreds

of constitution       song of south

cry of joe mccarthy as he died

glint of gloria steinem’s sunglasses

space left blank on

standardized mediocrity proficiency test and

what odin whispered in baldr’s

ear on his funeral pyre and

what the wind whispered in your ear

the day you were born    and

a spark from the machine Tesla

never had money to build and

      braid it into a rope and

      bind me with it for

everyone I know is on the list.

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