...I certainly hope so after the previous weeks and months. The night I thought my mother's kidneys were failing, I baked a large ham to warm up the house. I drank some red wine and ate no dinner. Talked my husband into taking a shower as I prepared his dinner on a tray. I cannot remember what we watched on TV except I saw A Hard Day's Night, which lifted my spirits. The Beatles were so young and zany; I sent a selfie snapchat to my kids and grandkids that had John Lennon in profile, singing to me. Black and white to color. How times have changed from the 1960's.

Our oldest cat is suddenly losing his balance, something I know a lot about, having Meniere's since my mid-20's. Husband fell asleep around 10pm, so I looked up possible causes and home remedies on the internet. My main concern was to make the cat comfortable so he would eat and drink. While I was downstairs, taking the ham out of the oven and concocting what I named Mom'sCatFixerElixir, I heard my husband roaming around upstairs.

Went upstairs to blazing lights and husband starting to get dressed at 1:30am. I convinced him it was time to sleep, after giving him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Went back downstairs and held cat while squirting my homemade remedy into the side of his clenched teeth. He rolled out of my arms, knocking over a dish of tuna fish, laced with Fish Oil supplement. Fortunately, I had done this in the downstairs bathroom. Took cat back to his favorite sleeping spot and went upstairs to take off clothes which reeked of fish.

It was then that I noticed a sound of water coming from the upstairs toilet and I said, "Lord, this is no longer funny. I need a break here, Jesus." In my fishy clothes, I saw that water was squirting out from under the top of the tank and hitting the opposite wall, pooling all over the floor. (When I described this in texting to my older son, he said, "Mom, that's physically impossible." My response was, "You aren't here. No problem, though, I fixed it.")

Took a nice hot shower and went to sleep. Had the strangest feeling in that drowsy-just-before-sleep-state, an awareness that something was surrounding me and I felt so calm and without worry, without any thoughts really, just this comforting feeling which lasted most of the night.

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