Aftenposten is one of the most traditional newspapers in Norway. They enjoy a huge amount of respect in Norway, due to their long standing reputation as a serious and respectable newspaper. The newspaper Aftenposten was first published 14 May 1860 under the name «Christiania Adresseblad».

1 January 1861 the newspaper was renamed Aftenposten. The publisher and owner was Christian Schibsted. He was also the founder in 1839 of the publishing house «Chr. Schibsteds Forlag AS». Aftenpostens first editions were published in the evening (aften = evening). Due to local competition Aftenposten also started publishing a morning edition in 1885.

The journalism style is a bit tricky to explain. They have a mix of Washington Post and New York Post. With many, many years of respectable journalism behind the paper, the 1990s brought a bit of a change. The paper has changed some of the feature articles, adding more youth and colour to their language and journalism, becoming more like VG. Despite the change, the integrity of the newspaper is still outstanding.

Aftenposten AS is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Schibsted ASA. The company publishes two daily subscription newspapers and distribute other newspapers in the Oslo area. Aftenposten also publishes an electronic newspaper, a cityguide for Oslo, and a classified advertisement database on the Internet.

Aftenposten Interaktiv, the paper's electronic edition on the Internet, won the Norwegian "Gulltaggen"-contest in 2001 for best news site, while, the cityguide, won silver for second-best newcomer on the net.

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