Adverticle (n.) -- A corporate advertisement cleverly concealed within a supposedly unbiased "news article", or "editorial". For example, look at on Slashdot, a webpage which claims they are free of corporate influence exerted by their owners, VA Software Corp. To begin with, there is a 1000-pixel wide VA banner at the top of the page at Slashdot, which links you to their products. The post itself contains a link to a project hosted by VA, which showcases VA's products. The article itself has two more banners featuring VA's product, and mentions the product no less than 5 times in the body of the article.

Other examples of adverticles can be found in magazines and other newsstand periodicals, where print ads are designed and formatted to look like they are legitimate stories in the magazines in which they appear.

Adverticles, short for "advertisement articles" are prime examples of low-brow marketing, as their attempt at deception only serves to insult the reader's intelligence. The practice of resorting to adverticles is often a key indicator that the company behind them will soon go bankrupt.

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