I'm facing the bathroom door, talking to my brother who's on the other side.

Me: Do you think I can beat up Adrien?

BroZeph: No.

Me: But I'm immortal now! You really don't think I can beat him up?

My sister walks past the hallway.

Arreter: What are you talking about?

Me: BroZeph thinks I can't beat up Adrien, even though I'm immortal!

Arreter: Who's Adrien?

Me: (frustrated, but not surprised, that she forgot) The demon king of pirates who lives in our living room.

To prove the matter, I back up a bit further into the hallway to where the living room is clearly visible and point him out. Instead of the true living room, there is a grand chasm, a huge cavern like that inside of some enormous hollow mountain. There is no visible ground, only dark water at the bottom. In the center of the cavern is a pirate ship the likes of which Captain Hook would be proud of. On the ship is a gruff, vaguely anime-esque looking monster in an eye patch. He waves at us. We wave back politely.

Arreter: Oh. I forgot about him.

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