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TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD! BWAHHAHAHAAA *Cough* I mean to, uhhh...actually, that sounds about right.
You want to know where I go to school? Thats nice. How about my address and phone number? Maybe the times my parents aren't home and I'm all alone? Pshh, not going to happen you stranger internet people
The more often you fly in dreams, the easier it is to stay up
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This place is empty! ....ECHO Echo echo....

Awesome things you guys have said:

fool4luv: You're not drunk if you can lay on the ground without holding on.

Tem42: Zeph may want to look into password protecting her computer.
Tem42: Arreter might want to look into keyloggers.

Intentions exits stage center.

water: I use to be an ice golem, but I melted.

omega21: Gotta love the catbox...
Arreter: It's where idea kittens come to poop