Mention the name of Adel Imam to any arab and you'll get a smile in response, the guy is the king of comedy on the silver screen. an egyptian national with Egypt being the media production center in the arab world when it comes to cinema.

Short Bio:

City of birth: Cairo, El-Helmia section of the city.
Education: College of agriculture in Cairo University.

leading roles: Madrasat El-Moshagibeen School of the unruly.
Birds of Darkness 1996.
Sleeping in lullaby honey. 1996.
Al-Irhab Wal Kabab. 1993 (The terrorist and shish Kebab) "His most popular movie"
El-avvacato 1984.
El-Harrif 1983. (The Professional).

Acted as UN goodwill ambassador on February 2001. visiting refugee camps in many arab countries.

Some of his comments as an Ambassador:

"I was appalled when I visited refugee camps in Yemen. A large number of people have moved there to escape from famine and war-ravaged areas in various African countries,"

"It is pathetic that some Islamic groups have built dozens of mosques inside these camps. It would have been far better if they had built a hospital. These groups abuse religion to serve their suspicious purposes,"

"It is inhumane to ignore the plight and the suffering of the Iraqi children and people. No Arab citizen can accept such a horrible situation in a a sister country,"

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