Doctor Who - The New Series

Adam Mitchell

Played by: Bruno Langley (2005 only)

Age: 21 in 2012.

Occupation: Alien artifact expert; hacker.

Doctor: The Ninth Doctor.

Season One Although he is from England, Adam met the Doctor in a secret base just outside Salt Lake City, Utah. Adam is a genius who, as a child, hacked into the United States Department of Defense and almost caused World War III. Although he makes no bones about his intelligence, he is never boastful or conceited, and seems like a confident and polite young man.

His considerable skill got him noticed by American billionaire Henry van Statten, who hired him to analyse alien artefacts found around the world in order to turn them into sellable products.

Adam encountered the Doctor in the year 2012 when a living Dalek, one of van Statten's prized exhibits, escaped into the compound. He and Rose fled the creature, having failed to find a suitable defence from it. After the crisis was over, Rose asked the Doctor if he could join them in the TARDIS, and the Doctor agreed.

They took Adam on a trip to 200,000 AD, to the Station 5 satellite orbiting Earth. Whilst the Doctor and Rose discovered and fought a threat to humanity on board the station, Adam slipped away and had a "dataspike" implanted in his head. Activated by a click of the fingers, the dataspike opens up a hole in the front of the person's forehead and allows raw data to pass through.

Adam stole Rose's mobile phone and used it to call his mother's answering machine which he then filled up with data from the future, hoping to monopolise on it when returned to his own time. However the Doctor found out, blew up the answering machine and left Adam in his mother's house. He also warned Adam to keep quiet about the dataspike in his head, since anyone who found out would probably have him dissected. Adam's current whereabouts are unknown.

Appearances First season: Appears in episodes 1.06, "Dalek" and 1.07, "The Long Game".

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