Also known as acetimidic acid or ethanamide. It is used as a general solvent for both inorganic and organic compounds, a solubilizer, a plasticizer, an antacid in the lacquer, explosives and cosmetics industries, a stabilizer in peroxides, and in the synthesis of organic chemicals such as methylamine and thioacetamide.

Acetamide is highly soluble in water, and is toxic to most living things (especially birds). It may enter the environment from industrial discharges or spills.

structural formula for acetamide:

     H        O
      \      //        acetamide
  H -- C -- C          C2H5NO
      /      \ 
     H        N -- H

Ac`et*am"ide (#), n. [Acetyl + amide.] Chem.

A white crystalline solid, from ammonia by replacement of an equivalent of hydrogen by acetyl.


© Webster 1913.

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