From Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology (London, 1880)

ACESTOR ('Akestor). A surname of Apollo which characterises him as the god of the healing art, or in general as the averter of evil, like akeisios. (Eurip. Androm. 901.)

L. S.

ACESTOR ('Akestor), surnamed Sacas (Sakan), on account of his foreign origin, was a tragic poet at Athens, and a contemporary of Aristophanes. He seems to have been either of Thracian or Mysian origin. (Aristoph. Aves, 31 ; Schol. ad loc.; Vespae, 1216 ; Schol. ad loc.; Phot. and Said. s. v. Sakas : Welcker, Die Griech. Tragöd. p. 1032.)

R. W.

ACESTOR ('Akestor), a sculptor mentioned by Pausanias (vi. 17. § 2) as having executed a statue of Alexibius, a native of Heraea in Arcadia, who had gained a victory in the pentathlon at the Olympic games. He was born at Cnossus, or at any rate exercised his profession there for some time. (Paus. x. 15. § 4.) He had a son named Amphion, who was also a sculptor, and had studied under Ptolichus of Corcyra (Paus. vi. 3. § 2); so that Acestor must have been a contemporary of the latter, who flourished about Ol. 82. (B. C. 452.)

C. P. M.

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