The capital city of Nigeria, located in the Federal Capital Territory (Nigeria's version of the United States' "District of Columbia"). Located in Central Nigeria, Abuja is home to the Nigerian Capital building, the Federal Secretariat (the building housing most of the ministries), Zuma Rock, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation headquarters, and the National Mosque. Most of the federal buildings are located in the central area, known as the "Three Arms Zone".

The most commonly spoken language in Abuja is Hausa. Named after the tribe of the same name, Hausa is descended from Arabic. Approximately 50% of Abuja residents are Muslim, and 50% are Christian. Contrary to what CNN will have you believe, most Christian and Muslim Nigerians live together peacefully, respecting each others' religions.

Abuja was constructed in 1991 as the new capital city for Nigeria. It was built from scratch using a master plan, and named after a small village which used to stand within the current city limits. Abuja is very picturesque. The combination of its unique architecture and mountainous setting make for a beautiful cityscape.

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