The b-side to Coil's work "How to Destroy Angels".

In its intended form, this song was pressed with no grooves. There was supposedly music, or some kind of variations on the surface, but since there were no grooves to hold the needle in place, the audio would be unplayable-- the needle would just skitter across the surface unrestrained.

Some copies of How to Destroy Angels were reported to have versions of Absolute Elsewhere with grooves, but with noise between the grooves so heavy and dense that parts of it could not be played by conventional record players. Some other copies were reported to have grooves which did not lock together-- instead it was just a series of non-connected concentric circles, each with a different test tone inside it.

The only time Absolute Elsewhere was ever released on a non-vinyl medium was the version on the CD re-release of How to Destroy Angels, which consisted of a track containing a single second of silence.

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