14th Century Qaballistic Scholar and "Mage". His work
The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin the Mage is considered by many to be a modern primer for Qabalah. The book was written by a student of Abra Melin (refered to in the text as Abra Melin, Abra Melim and Abramelin), who claims to have met the venerable sage while wandering in the Arabian desert. Abra Melin's existence is debatable, and many myths and legends have cropped up about him. Abra Melim claimed to have knowledge passed down to him from direct descendants of Abraham the Jew, although some believe that the Abraham referred to in the text is not supposed to refer to the father of judaism, but to a contemporary wandering jew of the same name. Another view is that Abra Melin is the pseudonym of the Abraham refered to in the author's work.

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