From Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology (London, 1880)

ABLA'BIUS (Ablabios) 1. A physician on whose death there is an epigram by Theosebia in the Greek Anthology (vii. 559), in which he is considered as inferior only to Hippocrates and Galen. With respect to his date, it is only known that he must have lived after Galen, that is, some time later than the second century after Christ.


2. The illustrious ('Illoustrios), the author of an epigram in the Greek Anthology (ix. 762) "on the qouit of Asclepiades." Nothing more is known of him, unless he be the same person as Ablabius, the Novatian bishop of Nicaea, who was a disciple of the rhetorician Troilus, and himself eminent in the same profession, and who lived under Honorius and Theodosius II., at the end of the fourth and the beginning of the fifth centuries after Christ. (Socrates, Hist. Ecc. vii. 12.)


An original e-text for everything2. That is, I sat down and copied the text from the book (in the public domain) - it is not available on any other web site. All Greek words are transliterated into Latin characters. I seem to be noding a bunch of this, starting from the beginning. Would be great if I could find some decent OCR software for MacOS 9.

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