An Athlon motherboard manufactured by Abit.

Some vital statistics: Otherwise seems fairly typical for Abit boards: Some supposedly wonderful overclocking features which I haven't looked into, and some weirdness with certain peripherals and certain BIOS revisions (not to say there is any more weirdness than from any other manufacturer - I don't have enough experience to judge).
Specifically there is a strange ps2-mouse 'jumping' issue which went away for some reason after I wiped and reinstalled with Debian, but which I've later found is fixed in a BIOS revision.
Also - and this bug is apparently not restricted to the ka7 but applies to all kx133 boards - It doesn't work with the es1371 sound chip from Ensonique, found in the Creative Labs PCI128 soundcard. You can work around this by enabling the '15->16 MB Memory Hole' in bios (and then doing something weird but feasible to the kernel sources if you run linux). I took my pci128 back and got worryingly dear 'Soundblaster Live!' instead.

An unofficial faq/help page is available at the time of writing at

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