The Abenaquis ("Waban-Aki", in the Abenaquis language, which means "People of the rising sun") are one of 11 aboriginal nations of the province of Quebec, in Canada. They are part of the Algonquian linguistic group. The two Abenaquis communities or reserves in Quebec are Odanak and Wôlinak. Although these two reserves exist specifically for the Abenaquis community of Quebec, most Abenaquis live off the reserves and many of them work in neighbouring cities and townships such as Trois-Rivières, Sorel, Bécancour and Nicolet.­

Although part of the Abenaquis population still takes part in the propagation of their original culture through arts (music, poetry, painting, etc.) and crafts, most have lost all trace of their roots. Actually, only a few elders still speak the original Abenaquis language today, while most of the other Abenaquis speak French.

The current population of Abenaquis in the province of Quebec is 1985 people; 372 of them living on reserves and 1613 living off reserves.*

*information on current Abenaquis population taken from a census made by the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development in the year 2000, published in February 2001.

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