Carbamic acid, [2,5-bis(1-aziridinyl)-3,6-dioxo-1, 4-cyclohexadiene-1,4-diyl]bis-, diethyl ester (9CI), also known as
  • C16H20N4O6
  • Diaziquone.
  • NSC 182986.
  • 1,4-Cyclohexadiene-1,4-dicarbamic acid, 2, 5-bis(1-aziridinyl)-3,6-dioxo-, diethyl ester.
AZQ's molecular weight is 364, and it is found in human tumor cells acting as an alkylating agent.

Azq is also a measurement unit in Ethiopia about an inch long. People in the countryside use the distance from the tip of their index finger to the first fold (Angua).

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