A web browser made for Amiga. Distributed as shareware; a demo version is included with AmigaOS 3.9.

AWeb is a pretty amazing program. It supports JavaScript, frames, progressive rendering of tables, PNG (and just about all other image formats via the AmigaOS datatype extensions), and all standard HTML and HTTP stuff, cookies included. The demo version, with which this writeup was posted, doesn't seem to have any idea of CSS, though.

What surprised me was that when I ran this browser in UAE, my mouse wheel worked just fine and WinUAE's network abilities were properly exercised...

And yes, it can be expanded with ARexx.

The only thing that bugs me about the demo version is that it's crippleware - cookies get only accepted once, and multiple windows are not supported! Also, copy/paste from a text editor didn't seem to work.

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