Finnish for "Automaattinen Tietojenkäsittely", "automatic data processing" (see ADP).

This is pretty ancient term, fortunately falling out of use, and has been used to describe computers way too much in the history.

Some Finnish speakers still use "ATK", especially in "ATK-järjestelmä" ("ADP system"). I mean, come on. "Automated data processing system"? That's a pretty fancy name for something they run Word and Excel on. =)

If a suit speaks of "ATK-järjestelmä", the chances are he is beyond salvation. If he says "Tietokonejärjestelmä", there is still hope.

The worst use of this term - also the most legendary - was from the mouth of Satu Lappi, another celebrity no one remembers much about. When people asked her if she uses the net, she replied "Oh sure, I have Internet and ADP in home." I may forgive her for such choice of words, but regrettably, many didn't.

See also EDB for some Danish...

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