As the BBS Turns: Episode 3 Postlogue

….continued from last episode.

** ** **

With that the trio exit the office. They take the elevator down and are now standing in the lobby of the building and are catching some VERY strange looks. (Not suprising, considering that FroMan's head is completely wrapped in bandages and he’s wearing sunglasses & that Eben’s face is bright pink, has a Vaseline sheen on it & his eyebrows are drawn on with magic marker).

FroMan: "Well, I guess that’s that."

Eben (looks out into the street and spies two Maxima’s & a GS400 parked at the curb): "No its not. I’ve got an idea — follow me."

** ** **

Having ridden it back up to the roof of the Manhattan skyscraper, Andi, BIOMAX, Jason F, MaximaMike, Woodear and Chad have jumped off of the window washers platform re-entered the building and returned to street level. Shaking hands and congratulating one another on their performance and victory.

MaximaMike: "Did you see the look on that lawyers face? HAA! Man that was cool."

Woodear: "No kidding, now lets not just stand around here waiting for the cops to show up — let’s load up and ROLL. Get in…"

Woodear is standing next to the driver’s door of his new Lexus. He produces the remote control alarm key from his pocket and points it towards the car. The Japanese sports sedan supreme responds with two brief chirps, and the door locks open with a mild *thud*.

Chad: "SHOTGUN!"

And he hops into the passenger side of the GS400.

Maximamike: "Damn!"

Biomax: "Just stop yer cry’n and get in."

With that Biomax & MaximaMike pile into Biomax’s car, Jason and Chad hop into Jason’s Maxima, leaving Andi standing on the curb. Woodear lowers his window to see what’s up.

Woodear: "C’mon man, you coming or not?"

Andi: "Nah, I’ve got some errands to run, you guys go ahead & I’ll catch up with ya later."

Chad (leaning across and shouting out Woodear’s window): "You sure man? I mean, those guys are bound to be pretty ticked."

Andi: "What, I’m worried about a guy with painted on eyebrows & the invisible man?! Go ahead, I’ll see you in a couple of hours."

Woodear: "Ok."

With that, Jason crams his Max into first gear and mashes it. A Dunlop shredding screech fills the air as his Nissan jets away from the curb. Woodear is having none of it & floors the 400, which responds by leaving a thick cloud of white smoke as he gives chase. They are off. Heading back to the hotel, Andi departing on foot, his own direction.

Meanwhile, across the street in the lobby of the Eisenhower Center building, the three very peculiar looking characters have been lurking behind the large, ceramic planters & peering out into the street with growing intensity.

Eben: "Ah ha! This is the opportunity we’ve been waiting for — follow me."

The three men start across the street, heading directly towards the unsuspecting Andi. Walking the other direction with his back to the Eisenhower Center, he has no idea that he is being tailed by the walking freak show.

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