An assault rifle (though it's about the size of a submachinegun) that's basically a shortened version of the AK-74 (that's not a typo; I'm not talking about the AK-47). It retains many of the same parts as the AK-74, including the same magazine, but has a drastically shortened barrel. This makes it very compact and thus was used during Russia's war with Afghanistan by airborne forces and vehicle crews. Although its effective range is fairly short and the fully automatic fire is very unselective, the folding stock makes it a high-power weapon that's easy to conceal. This makes it a fairly popular choice of terrorist forces that can get their hands on them.

 Cartridge: 5.45mm
 Weight: 3.4 kg (loaded)
 Length: 420 mm (folded); 675 mm (extended)
 Cyclic Rate: 800 rounds per minute
 Magazine: 30-round box

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