AJICO is a j-rock band formed in late 2000. The members are as follows:

  • UA - Vocals
  • KENICHI Asai - Guitar and Vocals
  • TOKIE - Electric bass, double bass
  • KYOICHI Shiino - Drums

UA, a solo artist, worked with KENICHI Asai, of Blankey Jet City fame, on two of her 1999 singles. I expect the collaboration was a good thing, as the pair decided to form AJICO after that. The pair recruited RIZE's TOKIE and UA's concert drummer. The band is more of a sideproject than anything, and has not released any new music since 2001. The sound is introspective and mysterious, but uplifting at the same time. Of note is TOKIE's string-work. Gorgeous instrumentations topped with soaring male and female vocals makes AJICO worth a listen by anyone. Anyone. I'm looking at you.

However, their work can be tricky to find, even through Internet filesharing programs (which rarely work for me anyway.) If you happen to run across any of it, snatch it up immediately.

I'll attempt to write up their discography. Please excuse all translations; Japanese wordplay is mindboggling out of context. Also, I only have the first album. Music is so expensive. It should also be noted that all of the below also have vinyl counterparts, some with differing cover art. (The vinyl for the Hadou single also features an acoustic version of its title track.)


  • Fukamidori February 7th, 2001
    1. Fukamidori (Dark Green)
    2. Suteki na Atashi no Yume (My Wonderful Dream)
    3. Utsukushii Koto (Beautiful Things)
    4. Lake
    5. Aoi Tori ha Itsumo Fumange (The Bluefird Always Feels Discontent)
    6. Garage Drive
    7. Melody
    8. Merry-go-round
    9. Freedom
    10. Moufu mo Iranai (The Blanket's Gone, Too)
    11. Hadou (Waves)
    12. Kagerou Song (Dayfly Song)
  • AJICO Show July 25th, 2001 2 Discs
    1. Aoi Tori ha Itsumo Fumange (The Bluefird Always Feels Discontent)
    2. Take Five
    3. Suteki na Atashi no Yume (My Wonderful Dream)
    4. Kin no Dei (Gold Paint)
    5. Garage Drive
    6. Moufu mo Iranai (The Blanket's Gone, Too)
    7. Kanashimi Johnny (Johnny Sorrow)
    1. Fukamidori (Dark Green)
    2. Pepin
    3. Yuganda Taiyou (Twisted Sun)
    4. Freedom
    5. Kagerou Song (Dayfly Song)
    6. Himawari (Sunflower)
    7. Gogo (Afternoon)
    8. Hadou (Waves)


  • Hadou November 22cd, 2000
    1. Hadou (Waves)
    2. Kin no Dei (Gold Paint)
  • Utsukushii Koto January 24th, 2001
    1. Utsukushii Koto (Beautiful Things)
    2. Niwa (Garden)
    3. Yakusoku ha Akai Mado de (A Promise Made at the Red Window)
  • Pepin July 27th, 2001
    1. Pepin
    2. Sunny

There is also a VHS/DVD version of the AJICO Show, the group's 2001 tour. Well. Currently, their only tour.


Have you listened to "Pepin" or "Kagerou Song" yet?

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