A Visualization plugin for WinAmp that, when run in conjunction with AIM, replaces the Ads in AIM.
It was "hacked" by Nullsoft employee Justin Frankel.
Nullsoft was purchased by AOL for $86 Million dollars sometime last year.

"AIMazing v0.4 makes AIM more fun
                 to keep open. By Justin, Steve and Ian."

I am using it right now. As far as I know, it is a Windows-only plugin. I'm not even sure if the Linux AIM, or any other OS for that matter, even has ads. Although it is cool to have a Oscilliscope (gray background with black foreground) instead of ads, it's just not a very pretty plugin. But I applaude Justin's efforts. Now if only he could replace it with a better plugin, like Whitecap.

You can find it here:
And here:

The news article about it is on ZDNet at this link:

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