Created by Big-O Software, AIM+ acts as an add-on to the ubiquitous AOL Instant Messenger. AIM+ adds many useful features, and doesn't interfere with AIM, in fact you can choose to just run AIM if you like. The features that AIM+ adds include:
  • Automatic (but optional) logging of all your IMs (even chat rooms!), creating a history which you can browse using the AIM+ History Viewer (part of AIM+).
  • Ad-Removal - say goodbye to all those pesky ads that clutter up your Buddy List!
  • Customizable Buddy List Window - you can choose which components of the Buddy List you want to be shown, in any combination you desire, including the menus, the Buddy List tabs, the chat buttons, and the general buttons.
  • Cloning - you can run multiple instances of AIM to sign on with as many different screennames as you want! Customizable hotkey to pop-up/hide your Buddy List.
  • Adjust the transparency of your Buddy List or IM/Chat windows!
  • Easy installation and automatic uninstallation. (leaves no trace in the registry)
  • Flawless & smooth upgrading to new versions (simply install the new version) - you won't lose any settings.
  • Windows XP-style 32-bit icons
  • Seamless integration with AIM (using AIM's System Menu)

    *features list copied from Big-O Software.

    Aim+ is completely free, and can be downloaded at Big-O Software

Sound good, right? Maybe a little.. too good? Well, it actually does exactly what it claims to. I've got nothing but good things to say about this program, unless of course it has installed a very pretty trojan that has eluded both my virus checker and firewall, but I don't think it has. The history feature is certainly the most useful, at least if you have a tendency to close windows just as people say something (I do). Ad-removal is always a plus in my book, but maybe they don't bother you.

The only problem I've had is really my own fault. I have a tendency to walk away from my computer for, I dunno, fifteen hours or so, and when I return the first thing I do is open AIM. Of course, I don't close AIM when I leave, so I end up opening a new, cloned, AIM. Big deal, right? Yeah, pretty much, but I had to find something to gripe about.

And it's only about 200K, which makes for a pretty quick download, even on a 56k.

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