AGI (Adventure Game Interpreter) was the game engine used by Sierra to create some of their earlier games. In the early 80's Sierra was given AGI by IBM to show new features of the IBM PCjr, but it was later ported to Apple IIgs, Amiga, Atari ST, Macintosh, IBM PC and Tandy.

With the release of the first AGI game (King's Quest), Sierra introduced a new concept of 3D graphical adventure game, where the player could move a character around the screen, behind, in front and over objects. For the other commands a typing interface was used, similar to the text adventures.

The graphics were based on a resolution of 160x200 and 16 colours, and AGI used the internal speaker for sound on the PC, but on the other systems it was capable of doing three voices.

AGI was replaced by SCI in 1989.

These games used AGI:

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