A drinking strategy, for a small number of people wishing to become quickly intoxicated. On each trip to the bar (all participants must make the trip to the bar simultaneously), each participant buys a round of shooters of his/her choice. These rounds are then aligned on the bar in rows as follows (where each different type of shooter is shown as a different letter and assuming 3 drinkers):


Each of the three participants in this example would pick up one of the first round (Z) and the person having bought that particular round would propose a toast. Immediately after the toast, the participants clink glasses and down the shooters. Depending on the drinks selected, after some groaning, head shaking and grimacing, the procedure continues with round Y and then round X.

The number of trips to the bar must equal the number of participants. In this way, if there are 2 participants, each consumes 4 drinks. If 3 people take part, each consumes 9 drinks. Four contestants consume 16 drinks, etc., etc., etc.

Temperal spacing of the trips to the bar is crucial in effecting a buzz or preventing alcohol poisoning, depending on the number of people taking part. IMHO, participants should be limited to 4, and larger groups should be subdivided to limit the number of drinking partners.

The relatively large number of drinks in a relatively short period of time combined with the mixing of various alcoholic beverages leads to quick drunken stupidity.

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