It is not over between us. I know Jason likes to think it is, indeed, I like to pretend myself sometimes. But it is not over. One day I will drive him down to the beach and we will park in the exact same spot (the East Lot) and we will walk down the very same path as last time.

I will hurl my angry words at him, and over his head, around him, drown them in the ocean. He will do the same - we will find the small pieces of glass, still unsmoothed - we will find this sharpness and drive it into each other before we give it back to the water.

When I imagine Jason drowning it is right here, in the same tired spot we always had. This is where I see it finally dying. This is where we need to kill this monster between us, and when it is done we can drive back up and go to the same old candy store. Their ice cream sundaes will probably be able to fix things for the first time.

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