I think everyone has seen a television ad that just made you want to shoot the TV with a handgun. For those of us who aren't Elvis, a cure is needed. Luckily, one does exist thanks to extreme sleep deprivation.

Each ad-dispensing glass nipple must be fitted with a special remote. The "Good Ad" button tells the television company that you liked the advertisement you're watching. They then tell the advertising agency about your approval, who then gives the ad executives responsible a pellet. When you press the "Bad Ad" button, the television company relays the news to the ad agency which then promptly shocks the ad men and women responsible with a light voltage. Pavlov demands that annoying ads would soon stop.

Unfortunately, the real result would be bland boring pap to avoid offending anyone - another the true lowest common denominator situation. It'd also be slightly immoral to shock the ad people - the use of electricity would have a negative effect on the environment.

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