Memphis, Tennessee at 3:00 AM
or maybe Nashville, who knows?
At first glance, the bus stations all look the same
but if you open your eyes and dig a bit deeper,
and try and see little bit further,
you’ll see something more

It doesn’t matter what color they are
or how old they are or what their station in life is.
It doesn’t matter how they’re clothed
or who they’re with,
or, for that matter, where they’re going,
because the station doesn’t care

The station knows that the characters in this play
will change roles every twenty four hours or so.
They don’t even have to rehearse,
because the lines are that well scripted.

If America is truly a melting pot,
then the people that I met in gas stations
that masquerade as bus depots
and for that matter, the bus depots themselves,
are the brown bits that stick to the bottom of the pot.

They add a much needed bit of flavor
to an otherwise bland sauce.

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