In a pretty how town lives the life of squandered hope and misdealt chances. Born to a preacher father and a paranoid schizophrenic mother, she was raised well enough. Preacher father cheats on mother. No matter. Divorce. Remarriage to father, hospital with mother.
She was happy for a while, during marriage the first time. She dies of a heart attack in a denist chair, but she is restored to health with a heart device. Stroke. Restored. Divorce in five years, but two loving children. Ex-spouse wishes none with the children (and she always thought he was cheating on her), She marries someone who will. She goes back to community college (the highlight of her life), graduates with chronic stress and develops fibromyalgia. Chronic pain. But she still has her family. Grandfather(natural causes) and father(cancer), her lights of spirituality, die within a month of each other. Schizophrenic mother(medicine overdose) commits suicide. Her husband is lowly educated car watcher. She loathes him. She develops severe depression. Antidepressants are prescribed, a new bullet in her vast arsenal of medication taken daily. Divorce is impossible this time, they are both in debt too deeply, and he is the sole breadwinner. Her best friend, only true friend(cancer), dies easter 1999. Further depression. New pills. Her son, who has developed a deep faith and is now her sole religious light, tells her he no longer believes in God.
She now sleeps when not suffering from insomnia(pills to fix!) and watches the christian channel and QVC in her room, where she avoids her husband, whom she lives with out of necessity. A life with no hope. The life of my mother.

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