Lexx 4.11: A Midsummer's Nightmare

Stanley Tweedle has loaded Kai and Xev's body into a moth and is flying to the festival Uther told them about, where the dead would rise, and where they were prophecied to appear. It turns out to have been moved from the forest to a warehouse in London and is basically a convention for people who chose Druidism over Star Trek. They refuse to let our heros in, until this man appears who the registration people think is an "arch-Druid" who's been in the news, but he claims to be just the mead delivery man. He insists they be allowed in, and the registration people listen to him. He is accompanied by a lackey and pushing a wheel barrow with a moving bundle in it. He warns Stan not to drink the mead.

Inside, there is a puppet show going on, portraying the Dark Man, Red Fool, and Dead One, who look exactly like our heros. They have also chosen a family to play the roles for the festival.

When the mead is distributed, everyone takes a drink and passes out, including Stan. But the man who insisted they come in wakes him back up. He turns out to be Oberon, and although the modern Druids have forgotten, the feast is in his honor. Every 1500 years, the trio appears, he marries the Dead One, the Red Fool becomes his pet, and the Dark Man turns into a tree and stays forever in a forest full of previous Dark Men, singing Oberon's praises (to the tune of Row Row Row Your Boat).

The lackey is of course Puck, and the bundle is Titania, who is not even really female. Oberon claims he only married her because he was drunk, but Puck says there is truth in wine, and "Let's just say he's the king of the fairies and leave it at that."

So he brings Xev back to life, charms her, and shows her the beautiful kingdom they will rule together for 1500 years, after which she will be a flower in the meadow. Xev says she will marry him, but only if he will free Kai and Stan and be nice to Titania. He refuses, so she says no. Kai tries to use his weapon to force Oberon into letting them leave, but he turns it into a bird and asks the bird if he should let them go. Apparently it tells him yes, so he pulls out an hourglass and gives them that much time to leave. Then he puts Kai in the forest and starts the process of turning him into a tree.

He then decides that he'll marry Stan instead. Stan almost agrees, but finally says no because they'd have to have sex. Oberon gets mad and says too bad, he'll marry him anyway. Meanwhile, Puck starts Xev turning into a tree.

Titania doesn't want Oberon to marry anyone else, however, so she frees Xev and Kai and makes them and Puck look like Stan in the wedding dress. She keeps her own appearance but wears the same dress. This scene is really quite amusing if only for seeing Brian Downey playing three different people, all pretending to be Stan but showing a bit of themselves anyway. Oberon almost chooses the real Stan anyway, but then he thinks that Titania would have disguised herself as Stan to get a chance to marry him again, so he chooses her. They marry before the hourglass runs out, and our heros are free.

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