A Love Like That is the name of a song written and performed by Gregg Alexander, a singer-songwriter perhaps best known for his work in the late-1990s rock/pop band the New Radicals. Alexander himself no longer records his own music for public consumption, instead devoting his energies to writing for other artists. His biggest hit in this regard came with the song the Game of Love, written for Carlos Santana and Michelle Branch, which earned him a Grammy Award.

The New Radicals broke up in 1999 due to Alexander's unhappiness with tour schedules and record company politics. He was rather dormant professionally until 2003, when A Love Like That appeared online in mp3 format. The song seems not to have been intended for wide release and may have been a demo that Alexander was shopping around to other artists. Thematically, it's similar to the second and final New Radicals single, Someday We'll Know, which is about a man searching for his lost love. A Love Like That features a simple F-G-E-A-G chord progression that plays throughout the entire song with only minor variations differentiating verse from chorus. The song is actually very catchy and it would have been nice to hear it get some real radio play.

Although it didn't start circulating online until 2003, a line from the song appeared in the lyric sheet of Maybe You've Been Brainwashed, Too, the first and only New Radicals album. Specifically, the phrase "I know I deceived you, I once told you lies, if you don't believe me, just look in my eyes" is written out but is not connected to any other song on the album. It may have been an outtake that didn't make it to the album, which is unfortunate since it's a lot better than many of the other songs on there. Why don't you listen to the song and tell me what you think?

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