Roberta: Satan waits for an invite, that’s what I told Lorette when she got that Ouija board. Satan waits for an invite and boy howdy did he get one. Now here we are. 

Dewayne: Friend of mine was cookin' it. With the baby coming and all, Lorette had gained some, and she used to look in the mirror and bust out crying. Friend of mine. That’s where I got it from. 

Lorette: The Ouija board was like, a buck fifty at a garage sale. Mama got all upset when I brought it home. Made me throw it away. Talking about how I needed to be leading a right life. I waited ‘til she was gone and took it out the trash

Roberta: They must’ve got that Ouija board back out while I was at work because I know I put it in the garbage. I told Lorette, no good can come of that thing being in this house. Now here we are. 

Lorette: My daddy died coming up on ten years, but I could talk to him, you know, through the Ouija board. Dewayne and me would sit up all night with it sometimes. 

Dewayne: At first I was just going along with it. The Ouija board. Seemed like something that brought us together, something we could share. Besides meth, I mean, I wasn’t really believing in it much. Not back then anyway. 

Roberta: I was at work when it happened. I wasn’t feeling good so I come home early, and I mean there were police cars everywhere you looked. It still don’t seem real.

Lorette: Meth’ll make you wish you were dead, and still want more. I was so fucked up one time on meth I remember thinking, I wonder if I can cut off my own head

Dewayne: We’d been up five days. Straight. The baby crying, and we was watching that movie where the little boy is really the devil’s child. Me and Lorette looked at each other. It was like falling and being sucked up into the sky at the same time. 

Roberta: You teach ‘em to lead a right life. To live by the Word. You try. But once they get that poison in ‘em. There ain’t no telling. 

Lorette: That story, about the little girl who was possessed, a lot of people don’t know that was a real true story. Those were the actual people. I mean, you have to be possessed, to turn your head completely around like that.   

Dewayne: We found this old metal box in the toolshed, out back of Lorette’s mama’s house. Got some flowers. Out of her mama’s yard. Put ‘em in the box, took the box down to the creek

Roberta: Jimmy made that box. Lorette’s daddy. I recognized it right away. There’s a place on the top where Jimmy put his initials. 

Lorette: That tongue rolled in and out like a little black flag and it was beatin’ itself in the head with tiny fists and screaming like a catfish skinned alive. 

Dewayne: Lorette and me, we take after each other, that’s our problem. If we wasn’t here in jail, I know exactly what we’d be doing. I hate to say it that way. But it’s the truth

Roberta: I told Lorette no good would come. Now here we are. So tiny. So tiny. I saw them pictures. I got to live with that.

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