One's pussy cat deserves A La Cat.

Pussies purr with pleasure at the merest whiff of "A La Cat" catfood. Made from the finest meats, flavoured with a hint of sage and a secret ingredient that won't give your cat dog breath. "A La Cat" is so divine you'll be tempted to try it yourself. So, here's a little serving suggestion. Bon appetit!


750g of "A La Cat" catfood. 12 sage leaves. 90g butter. 30g parmesan. 1 medium sized onion. 100ml Marsala wine. Salt. Black pepper.

METHOD: Mix the meat with the sage leaves, onion, butter and parmesan. Season, then refrigerate for 30 minutes. Form the paste into small grungy balls and brown. When cooked, pour the wine over and serve in the savoury "A La Cat" gravy.

This advertisement was headed with a picture of a longhaired cat, wearing a diamond necklace, its face disturbingly shadowed to the extent that it strongly resembled a hideously deformed owl.

It's about seven years now since I first saw this, and I still don't know if it was an actual product or just a wind-up on the part of the design staff. Needless to say, any writeups on the veracity of this product would be welcomed.

Update: I have now been informed by Fondue that the A La Cat advertisements, along with several other dead pan adverts, were actually part of Sega Europe's UK-based Pirate TV campaign. Similar posters were seen on billboards and in magazines nationwide, and were soon pasted over with Pirate TV skull stickers informing innocent bystanders of times of scheduled ads on Channel 4, a la Miller Time. I now am illuminated.

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