Get the ultimate in state of the art maniacal destruction.

Offer good for this week only!!!
(or the hobos might escape)

Today, we here at Hobodestructo Inc. want to help you do a great disservice to all those around you who tend to make your day less enjoyable than it could've been if you'd been armed to the teeth with fresh off the train, drunk, highly flammable drifters
(knapsack included with purchase of additional hobos, flaming dogs are optional).

This Flaming Hobo Flinger could be yours, but what would you expect to pay for this marvelous device?

Fifty Dollars?

Forty Dollars?

Thirty Dollars?

Well you're in luck, because the Flaming Hobo Flinger could be yours for a mere $29.95!!!

You might ask yourself what use a catapult style piece of weaponry and an included 3 year supply of homeless hobos would have for an ordinary home owner like yourself. Here's a list of things you might be able to do, if you bought one now.

  • Take out the trash with it. If the neighbors give you grief, wage war on them with your nigh on endless supply of hobos!
  • Have your hobos engage in dance competitions!
  • Launch the losers!
  • Declare war on neighborhood vandals and anyone who ventures too close to your yard!
  • Get back at those lousy stray animals that wander around your house at night.
  • Display it inside your house next to your NRA plaque! Be the talk of the town!*

All this and more can be had by you, the buyer! So get your Flaming Hobo Flinger today!

* being the talk of the town is not necessarily a good thing

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