A series of novels written by Jack Whyte. These novels are a historical fiction, depicting the creation of Camelot, Excalibur, and Arthur Pendragon. Currently, this series has six novels in it:

  1. The Skystone - Publis Varrus searches for the legendary Skystone.
  2. The Singing Sword - Publis Varrus is hunted for a crime he commited years ago.
  3. The Eagles' Brood - Caius Merlyn Brittanicus, nephew of Publis Varrus, grows up.
  4. The Saxon Shore - Merlyn begins to take care of the young Arthur Pendragon.
  5. The Fort at River's Bend - Merlyn begins to teach young Arthur.
  6. Metamorphosis - Arthur is eventually pronounced as High King of Britian.

It is an excellent series of books, though sometimes a little slow reading.

Recently, Jack Whyte added a seventh novel, entitled Uther. This novel takes place simultaneously with The Eagles' Brood, but is told from Uther Pendragon's perspective. The technique is much the same as the one used by Orson Scott Card when he wrote Ender's Shadow, which he described as a parallax to Ender's Game. In fact, Whyte credits Ender's Shadow with having given him a helpful perspective in the acknowledgements of the book.

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