the 883 are an Italian pop music duo. They became first visible with Non me la menare ("Don't bug me"), presented at the Castrocaro festival in 1991.
Their first national hit is in 1992, when the Hanno ucciso l'Uomo Ragno ("Someone killed Spiderman") was number 1 in the Italian hit parade for several weeks.

Other records are:

  1. Nord Sud Ovest Est, published in 1993, containing the single Sei un mito ("You are really cool"). This record sold over one million copies.
  2. La dura legge del gol ("The hard law of the goal"), 1995
  3. Grazie Mille ("Thanks a lot") comes out in 1999, including the hit single Viaggio al Centro del Mondo ("A trip to the center of the world")
  4. in 2001 1 IN + ("One more") comes out, not a major hit though.

The due, composed by Max Pezzali and Mauro Repetto plays electronic dance music, based completely on the synth and on Max Pezzali's captivating voice.
This is entirely non-threatening, even cute music clearly shooting for the middle- and low-brow audience (in Non me la menare a verse runs like this: "I can't hang out with your friends that have university degrees, and they are all losers anyway".
883 comes from the province of Italy; some of the songs clearly reflect the outlook of the countryboy that, on Saturday, drives all the way to Milano looking for life, amusement, a woman, something "cool".

Of course, this coolness is unreacheable. 883 are also remarkable because of their frankly Northern Italian accent and in-your-face style.
Perhaps interestingly for the E2 user, the 883 are clearly fascinated by the USA. Everything American to them is a mito, literally a myth but meaning in fact "wonderful". 883 in this are representative of a large chunk of Italians.

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