In the year AD 742...

  • The first German synod convenes under the authority of Saint Boniface and King Carloman. It and decrees that the clergy cannot take part in wars, carry arms, or hunt.
  • A massive earthquake strikes Syria and Palestine, leveling hundreds of towns and killing thousands.
  • The Japanese Imperial government decrees that henceforth, new lands opened to cultivation will be permanently exempt from the land lottery system, paving the way for the establishment of the first shoen (great estates).
  • The Great Mosque (Qingzhen Dasi) is constructed at Xi'an to serve Chinese Muslims.
  • Korean architect Kim Dae Seong begins construction on the Buddhist cave temple Seokguram, on Mount Tohamsan, east of the historic city of Gyeongju.
  • Construction begins on Japanese emperor Shomu's new palace, the Shigaraki.

These people were born in 742:

These people died in 742:

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