Also knows as the 7.62mmx25 Tokarev named after the famous russian firearms designer Fedor (Fyodor) Vasilievich Tokarev, the 7.62x25 is actually a direct copy of the .30 Mauser. The two cartrdiges are dimensionally identical but the 7.62x25 Tokarev is loaded to significantly higher pressures, mainly because we RealMen(tm) like large amounts of kinetic energy.

This high velocity cartridge launches an 86 gr bullet at about 1,500 feet per second although it can be loaded to be as low as 1,000 fps and as high as 1,700 fps.

Common pistols that are chambered for this excellent cartridge are the TT33, (aka Tokarev) and the Czech made CZ52. Because of its similarity to the more common 9mmx19 cartridge, pistols made for the 7.62x25 are also commonly available in 9mm NATO.

A steel core bullet in this caliber travelling at 1,500 fps is a very excellent armor piercing round. Perfect for vermin that have kevlar hides.

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