Hebrew is a very interesting language. For one thing, there are numbers associated with every Hebrew letter, and the numerical value of a word is considered just as important as the "word" itself (although in Hebrew, the number is part of the "word itself"--you can't really separate them). This numbered letter thing is known as gematria.

Anyway. All that was just to build up to pointing out, for anyone who didn't know, that in the Torah (the original Old Testament of the Bible), the word that is the name of the serpent in Genesis has the same numerical value as the word Messiah, the name for the coming saviour. That number is 358.

This makes a lot of sense if you've read Genesis a couple times, especially if you've read it in Greek or Hebrew. You think...well, the serpent got us to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and this pissed God off, because once we ate that apple-ish thing, the only thing separating us from godhood was the fact that we weren't immortal--that is, we hadn't eaten from The Tree of Life. So we get banished from the Garden, yadda yadda, and in a few millennia along comes Jesus--with the same purpose hiding behind his name as was hiding behind the serpent's--and he promises everybody eternal life. Hmm...coincidence?

And then, if you're really crazy, along comes Nietzsche and says things like "There is no god but man". DaMn, My HeAd HuRtS aGaIn...

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