And as I have walked lifes path well worn,

I've seen friends die and my children born,

I've been loved and hated in equal measures,

suffered the pains and savoured some pleasures.


I've tasted sweet victory and bitter defeat,

I have been deceived and yet practised deceit,

I've been immeasurably happy and ineffably sad,

been the dutiful husband, been an absentee Dad.


I've lost and been loved, loved and been lost,

I've realised the value but not the overall cost,

Had a go at marriage, enjoyed time on my own,

I've met hearts of gold and hearts barely grown.


I've met bastards and angels along the route,

I've been acutely naive and less often astute,

Made loads of mistakes, got some stuff right,

I've acted with kindness, and reacted in spite.


And now I just try to do as I would be done to,

remembering to thine ownself always be true,

Accept that there are always differing views,

A mile is a lifetime in another mans shoes.



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