These things happened in the year 1267 A.D.:

  • Englishman Roger Bacon produces the Opus Major, Opus Minor, and Opus Tertium for Pope Clement VI.
  • Orava Castle in Slovakia first appears in historical records.
  • Semi-legendary Scottish hero William Wallace is born.
  • Catholic Angevins conquer the predominantly Greek Orthodox island of Corfu.
  • Seminal Italian painter Ambrogio Bondone Giotti is born.
  • Mongol warlord Kublai Khan ascended the Chinese throne, founding the Yuan dynasty.
  • Moorish rule in Lisbon collapses, and Portugal assumes boundaries similar to those of the modern day. Portugal is Christianized.
  • The city council of Vienna decrees via the Synod of Vienna that all Jews should wear a cone-shaped cap, called a Pileum Cornutum, in addition to a badge.
  • The Peace of Montgomery both confirms the status of Llewellyn, the Prince of Wales, and places him subordinate to the King of England.
  • Rabbi Moses Ben Nachman establishes a Jewish community in prominently Muslim Jerusalem.
  • 1266 - 1267 - 1268

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