Greetings, time traveler! We have arrived in the year 1127 BC.

Thymoetes, king of Athens, is in the seventh year of his reign, and he has no children. He will die in the following year, 1126.

The Trojan War has been going on for three years. It will continue for seven more years, ending with the fall of Troy to the Achaeans.

The Shang Dynasty in China is in power; the Zhou Dynasty will be founded in five years, and in a bit less than 200 years, the Zhou will supplant the Shang.

Ramses IX is in the second year of his reign over Egypt; he is the eighth pharaoh of Egypt's twentieth dynasty. His rein will end after another sixteen years, by the usual method.

In two years, Nebuchadnezzar I will become king of Babylon.

Oh, I'm terribly sorry about that; you meant for me to bring us to AD 1127. I'll fix that straightaway. A thousand pardons, time traveler.

Blessed Charles the Good, Count of Flanders, will be assassinated in March this year by knights working for the Erembald family. They will hack him to pieces with broadswords while he kneels in prayer in a church. Chuck will be beatified as a martyr and saint in 1882.

The Cistercians will found Vauluisant Abbey, and in Lower Saxony the Clus Abbey will be founded as an offshoot of Gandersheim Abbey.

Milan will pick a fight with Como, the city next door, and win.

Construction is soon to be completed on the Kalyan Minaret in Bukhara, under the commission of Mohammad Arslan Khan, ruler of Uzbekistan's Qarakhanid Dynasty. 100 years after this event, when Temujin brings an army through this area, he will destroy everything in sight, sparing only this impressive 150 ft tower.

China is right at the turning point of the Song Dynasty; the Northern Song ends this year, and the Southern Song begins. The Jin-Song Wars have been going on for two years, and in January the Song capital city of Kaifeng will be sacked by the Jin.

Enjoy your visit, and please do mind the gap as you exit the capsule.

Iron Noder 2015, 02/30

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