Also known as 100VG-AnyLAN, VG and AnyLAN. The 100 indicates the maximum data rate (100Mbps, or 100 million bits per second). The VG indicates Voice Grade. It combines elements of both the Ethernet specification and the Token Ring specification.

The 100baseVG has distinct advantages over standard Ethernet:

  • It supports Ethernet and Token Ring packets.

  • It does not use the traditional CSMA/CD of Ethernet. Instead it uses a demand priority access method that can set two distinct levels of traffic priority.

  • It is faster than standard Ethernet.

  • It allows enhanced privacy and security by filtering individual frames through intelligent hubs.

    100baseVG can use Category 3, 4 or 5 twisted-pair cable, or even fiber-optic lines. The length of any two segments cannot exceed 250 meters.

    Hubs for 100baseVG systems are arranged in a particular star topology. Sub-hubs must be connected in a particular way to create a larger network (normally they are cascaded). 100baseVG is not as common as 100baseT, or Fast Ethernet.

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