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Maintained By: Zephronias

The category for those weird pieces of Internet* lore that fascinate, disgust, obsess, or depress us.

*May not be entirely internet related. Other niche drama is also welcome.

1 Christian Weston Chandler (person) HCShannon writeup
2 Dexit (event) Estelore writeup
3 Neopocalypse 2k15 (event) Zephronias writeup
4 December 6, 2018 (event) Chord writeup
5 The Great Tumblr Porn Ban of 2018   e2node
6 Fallout 76: a Cavalcade of Failure (thing) Zephronias writeup
7 #ChangeTheChannel - The Channel Awesome Implosion (event) Zephronias writeup
8 Gloria Tesch, Maradonia, and the Bad Behavior of Team Tesch (event) Zephronias writeup
9 Pictures for Sad Children - An Artist's Implosion (event) Zephronias writeup
10 Yandere Simulator, YanDev, and How Not to Make a Game (thing) Zephronias writeup
11 Digital Homicide - How to Destroy Your Company in Three Easy Steps! (how-to) Zephronias writeup
12 Saugeen Stripper (person) JD writeup
13 Gene Ray and Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous 4-day Time Cube   category
14 Russell Greer: a Fine Upstanding Citizen (Don't Sue Me Bro) (event) Zephronias writeup
15 Kay's Cooking (person) Zephronias writeup
16 #ChrisChanDidWHAT - Christian "Christine" Weston Chandler: American Oedipus and Literal Motherfucker (event) Zephronias writeup
17 The Fall of Night Shade Books (event) Zephronias writeup
18 The Fall and Disappearance of Silver Shamrock Publishing (event) Zephronias writeup