Charles Aznavour, the son of Armenian immigrants and a world-renowned singer, wrote the words to this song, and George Garvarentz wrote the music. In 1989 Aznavour joined the Armenian-born film director Henri Verneuil to enlist the help of French singers, actors and musicians in their Aid for Armenia campaign. 90 French actors and singers produced a special single and video ("Pour Toi l'Arménie") which sold over 1 million copies, under the Trema-EMI label. This song was possibly written in reaction to the Armenian earthquake of 1988, as Aznavour founded the "Aznavour et l'Arménie" association in 1988 to provide aid for the victims. However, this song could also be considered a reference to the Armenian Genocide.

en français

Tes printemps fleuriront encore.
Tes beaux jours renaîtront encore.
Après l'hiver,
Après l'enfer,
Poussera l'arbre de vie,
Pour toi, Arménie.

Tes saisons chanteront encore,
Tes enfants bâtiront plus fort.
Après l'horreur,
Après la peur,
Dieu soignera ton sol meurtri,
Pour toi, Arménie.

Le monde s'est levé
Le monde est avec toi.
Pour toi, peuple oublié,
Il a ouvert son couer,
Il a tendu ses bras.


Même si tu maudis ton sort,
Dans tes yeux je veux voir,
Une lueur d'espoir,
Une flamme, une envie
De prendre ton destin,
Entre tes mains,
A bras le corps.


in english
Your spring will blossom again,
Your beautiful days will be reborn again.
After the winter,
After the hell,
The tree of life will grow,
For you, Armenia.

Your seasons will sing again,
Your children will build more strongly.
After the horror,
After the fear,
God will heal your wounded soul,
For you, Armenia.

The world is with you.
For you, people forgotten,
It opened its' heart,
It stretched out its' arms.


Even if you curse your fate,
In your eyes I want to see,
A glimmer of hope,
A flame, a chance
To get a grip on your destiny.



my french teacher provided the poem- to help us learn future tense

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