Apparently, Monica has always been interested in fashion and has decided to learn how to knit during the high anxiety time of the exposure of her relations with former president, Bill Clinton. The seed of her company, The Real Monica Inc, was planted when she needed a bag to carry her yarn around in. Now, Monica didn't want just any ol' bag, and not finding anything unique enough to satisfy her, she decided to make her own yarn tote. You can check out what her bags and company have evolved into at: (I can't exactly picture anyone really carrying yarn around in them. To me, they just look like a bunch of Gucci and Prada knock-offs except for the tag on the inside of each bag that reads "Made by Monica", but hey, what you keep in your purse is no one's business but your own....and the airport security guards who will indubitably hold your yarn and tampons up for the world to see.)

It makes sense that Monica Lewinsky would, in the long run, end up starting her own busness venture. It's not exactly like she could go out around town handing out resumes and applying for any job like a regular person. However, her publicist, Lizzie Grubman claims her to be living a very normal life, and that instead of living lavishly off her newfound wealth as a high-quality fashion designer every penny is put back into her business. Some might beg to differ. Monica, New York's new official "It Girl" (no, really, the New York Post says so) tops Manhattan File's list of the 100 Most Eligible Bachelorettes (ironically, Chelsea Clinton also made the list).

Because demand for her product is so high, Monica doesn't actually make the bags herself, but instead designs them and sends a prototype to her manufacturer in Louisiana (Her publicist emphasizes Monica's enduring commitment to patriotism by stressing that each bag is 100 percent Made in the USA).

While the bags may be attractive and stylish, they are also extravagantly priced. At about $150 a pop, it sounds like Monica has decided to cash in on her infamous name while attempting to live a "normal life"