by Joe Bryant

An office meeting. Everyone sits except Pat who is leading the meeting, perhaps with some kind of flipchart. All roles gender neutral.

Pat: So, what I think we need to do is brainstorm ideas...

There is a general hubbub of agreement, but one dissenting voice stands out:

Chris: Hah, "brainstorm."

Everyone turns to look at Chris, who feels obliged to explain.

Chris: Why is it that giving something a silly name makes it a legitimate thing to do? I mean, you're just going to draw a load of nonsense diagrams which will be of no help at all, but because it's called "brainstorming" we all go along with it.

Sam: Like snowboarding.

Pat: Hah, yeah, if some guy nails his feet to a plank of wood and throws himself down a mountain, he's an idiot, but call it "snowboarding" and it's a SPORT.

Rob: Powernapping.

Pat: Powernapping! Jim isn't dozing off, he's POWERNAPPING so it's alright.

Jim is startled awake by his name.

Jim: I'll have it done by Tuesday!

Pat: Shut up Jim.

Sam: Speed dating.

Pat: Yeah, trying to chat up twenty people in one night isn't desperate, it's speed dating!

Mike: Sodomy!

Startled silence for a beat, maybe two.

Pat: So I think we can get this done for quarter three...

Hubbub of agreement.


Inspired by a catbox comment of fondue's.